About Us

CareCentral Urgent Care

CareCentral Urgent Care is open 7 days a week, including most holidays, and we are open after hours when your doctor is not available. We treat illnesses and injuries too serious to be handled in a Primary Care or Pediatric office.

Diagnostics under one roof

A Primary Care Doctor will usually have to make a referral for you to get X-Ray, EKG or labs elsewhere. The value proposition of CareCentral is that we provide quality care and a wide array of medical services in our center conveniently located in Stoughton. That means everything is simplified for you. You don’t need to make appointments or travel to get diagnostic tests done, and you will have your results in minutes rather than waiting for follow up to be sent to your doctor the next day.

No delay in starting medications

Urgent care facilities administer medications on site, such as pain medications and antibiotics, a feature primary care physicians do not offer. The care you receive at an urgent care center is not a substitute for having a primary care doctor. It’s good medicine to have your own primary care doctor who can provide ongoing treatment, and we discourage patients from using walk-in physicians as a substitute for ongoing primary care. At CareCentral, we will gladly make a referral for you if necessary.

At your request, we will ensure that your primary care doctor is aware of every aspect of your visit, and we will copy your entire chart and history on a compact disc for you to take with you, including any X-Rays or lab results.